Elder Scrolls Online Beta Keys Giveaway

We have been very fortunate to be able to obtain thousands of Elder Scrolls Online Beta Keys. We are now giving these away to all people that want one. After you obtain your code, we ask that you keep it to yourself. Please don't abuse this website or we will be forced to stop providing beta keys. With the amount of work we have put into obtaining all these Elder Scrolls Beta Keys, we ask that you complete a very short easy 2 minute survey in order for us to keep providing them. You will then receive your beta key and can redeem it on the website specified with the code.

What is the Elder Scrolls Online Game?

The Elder Scrolls Online Game Beta is going to be a massive multi-player role playing game that will be released in 2014. It will be released for PC/MAC and XBOX ONE/PS4 in April 2014. 

Instructions (Follow Exactly To Get Your Key)

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  3. Post this message 2 times on Facebook

  4. Important: You must post in 2 different places (status, share, comment)
  5. Click on one of the available beta key links below
  6. Complete a SHORT survey that helps us generate these beta keys
  7. Your beta key will then download along with the link and instructions on how to redeem it.
Choose ANY Available Beta Key

Not Available - Beta Key 1 - Not Available
Available - Beta Key 2 - Available
Not Available - Beta Key 3 - Not Available
Available - Beta Key 4 - Available
Not Available - Beta Key 5 - Not Available
Not Available - Beta Key 6 - Not Available
Available - Beta Key 7 - Available
Available - Beta Key 8 - Available

Not Available - Beta Key 9 - Not Available
Not Available - Beta Key 10 - Not Available


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  1. Thanks I just got 2 Beta codes, 1 for me and the other for my friend! You are awesome bro

  2. I got 2 beta codes thanks! just one question, am i allowed to get more codes? not sure how many you have...